Hi there, Business Owner. Freelancer. 9 to 5er. Mama.

I'm Torey!

And I’ve been where you are. You have all the passions (that’s why they call it multi-passionate!).  You’re burning the candle at both ends, not sure how you can do it all.  

I see you. Because I WAS you. But what if I told you there was an easier way? What if I told you you can have everything you want? That’s where I come in. I help you do you better by providing tools and resources to get your time back, cultivate community and express your brand. 

How I Got Here ⬇️⬇️

⬅️⬅️ ‘Lil second grade Torey (isn’t she cute??) would get in trouble after parent-teacher conferences for talking too much when she should have been listening in class. 

Oops. My bad. 






➡️➡️ Fast forward to when I was in Scotland with a friend of mine and she took this picture of me making friends on top of a mountain. Why? 

She said, “I wanted to prove to everyone that you talked to someone everywhere we went.”

⬆️⬆️  Fast forward to seventh grade and MY OWN DAD (who was also my teacher) sat me in the corner in the assigned seating chart so I wouldn’t talk too much to my classmates. 


Today? Joke's on them!

Today I’m an award-winning speaker and business owner, who has made a living out of “talking too much.” I have worked in nonprofit marketing and communications in Kansas and Missouri, and today, it’s my job to educate business owners and nonprofit organizations on how they can better grow their businesses into the business they’ve always planned for.

Are you ready to level up your business and your life?

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