I help you get everything you want

Because life’s too short not to, right?

Helping you do you better by providing tools and resources for you to get your time back, cultivate community, and express your brand.

Get Your
time Back

I know what it’s like to feel like I’m going in 20 different directions. And that’s not the vibe. Knowing what time you have starts with writing it down. And I can help.

Cultivate community

Making friends as an adult is like, really hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Cookies & Creatives gives you a community of friends. And cookies. And color books. 

Express Your Brand

You probably have all the ideas, but not sure how they all fit together into a brand, right? The Compelling Content Framework gives you three steps to get there!

Did someone say freebie?

Trello is my absolute favorite tool to manage all my time, all my projects, all my finances, and even all my dreams. It all lives in a place, and that place is my Trello boards! YOU can learn the basics of this amazing project management tool for FREE with my How-To Use Trello video!

My Story

To inspire community and build connection.

Listen. I know exactly what it’s like to be where you are. I have a full-time job (that I love!), I run my own business, I’m involved in my local community, AND I have my absolute favorite titles like girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I had no desire to give any of this up – so instead of picking one, I picked them all. It’s simple – but it’s not easy! I think life’s too short not to get whatever you want, and I’m here to help you get what YOU want!

As Trusted By:

No better time to lean into Creativity in the Everyday than the Monday after a holiday weekend, right? Join us and Amber Monaco with @youneedanamber at @bliproasters for coloring, cookies and community.

Link in my bio 🍪
Amber has been scheduled for July's event since I think before 2024 even started? So happy we are HERE and this manifestation is real.

Join us July 8 (note date change due to 4th of July!) to talk about "Creativity in the Everyday" with the fabulous Amber Monaco. I know I definitely FEEL IT during the "boring routine of life," so I personally am really looking forward to Amber's thoughts. She's never steered me wrong yet!

Link in bio for tickets 🎫
Excited to announce and invite you to Coffee & Coworking, a new event with @squareone_mcpl!! Join us at the library (with a coffee shop!) to knock out those projects and build community. The first event is TOMORROW at Woodneath Library Center. Link in bio to register (it's free!). 

Coffee & Coworking (C&C 2?) is what I love to think of as Cookies & Creatives' lil' cousin or friend or coworker...whatever you want to say it is. You get it. It's connected. And it's cute. 

I'd love to see you there ☕
Cross EVERY ONE of these off the list at Monday’s Cookies & Creatives! We’re making summer bucket lists and we’re talking markers, crayons, stickers, more stickers, flowers, more stickers….pretty much everything except glitter (because I don’t want @bliproasters to kick us out 😂).

Join us won’t you? #bestsummerever
Mixing it up a bit for June and bringing some CRAFTS to adult kindergarten aka Cookies & Creatives! Let’s channel our inner middle school selves and create those “Best Summer Ever!” bucket lists.

Your ticket (link in bio) includes creativity, community, cookies and all the craft supplies your heart could desire for some summer fun ☀️☀️
My FB insights told me something like “You reached 7 people in 6 days.” Something like that.

And while for a SECOND, I thought, “Yikes,” I quickly moved past that to, “Yeah that tracks.” Not only is FB not as high performing for me as IG, I also haven’t been focused on all the metrics, and showing up online. I’ve been showing up in real life.

Like this past weekend when we took our first camping trip of the year. I got me a new hat (it’s so so cute), finished one book, started this one, made a new friend in campground host Sid, and enjoyed being in the space that made my late father-in-law so happy.

Life gets to be easy. 🩷
We're back at @bliproasters for May (and June) for Cookies & Creatives! I'm so excited to hear from C&C member @hazelgkrebs! Hazel has found her calling as an Author, Speaker, Social Media Manager and Brand Creator (find you a girl who can do it all right?).

Hazel released her first book, Enthusiastically Me, in January, and on Monday, May 13 (note the date change!), Hazel will share her thoughts on Creativity and Your Enthusiasm!

Get your tickets at the link in my bio.
Woof. *Takes deep breath before listing all the things.*

It's...all challenging? Sometimes. For me, it's the consistent ebb and flow of feeling on top of the world, then taking two steps back, and keeping the persistence to keep going. 

This is one thing I love so much about Cookies & Creatives. We are creating a community that's not afraid to talk about what's hard. It's hard to be an adult, to make friends, to feel like your creativity has what it takes to live in the world (spoiler alert: it always does). 

We're here for you through the easy AND the hard. Join us on April 29, won't you?
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